Loadbank Hire


First things first... What is a loadbank? A loadbank is a device which develops an electrical load, applies the load to an electrical power source and converts or dissipates the resultant power output of the source. The purpose of a loadbank is to accurately mimic the operational or “real” load that a power source will see in actual application.

For more than 30 years, Crestchic has been designing and manufacturing British-made loadbanks that provide accurate, reliable electrical test loads for commissioning and maintaining power systems. For more than 65 years, Macfarlane Generators has been providing new and used generators for sale and hire across Australia. Our hire fleet comprises over 160 quality generators and over 30 loadbanks. We deal exclusively with world-leading Crestchic Loadbanks, offering machines from 1kW to 3.3MVA.

Macfarlane Generators is your expert for loadbank hire. We understand that it is important for you to have the correct solution and we have the necessary skills and loadbanks to help you with your load testing. Macfarlane’s options of loadbanks for hire includes both small and large sets for various power testing abilities, starting from 1kW going up to 3.3MVA. Even larger loads can be supported by putting various loadbanks together. We have a complete line of AC resistive and reactive loadbanks to hire to suit your requirement. Smaller sets come on trailers for ease of transportation, and we can supply all of the necessary equipment like cables.

Why should you hire a loadbank?

  • Generator load testing
  • Synchronising checks and proof of load-sharing equipment
  • Hot restarts
  • Proven protection scheme
  • Rapid availability
  • UPS load testing
  • Switchboard testing
  • Generator Commissioning
  • UPS Commissioning
  • Generator capacity testing
  • UPS runtime testing
  • General power system proving
  • Any other use where a fixed or variable load is required

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ZLP 104015kWCrestchic Loadbank Golf Cart
ZLP 1278100kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1496100kWCrestchic Resistive Loadbank
ZLP 1497100kWCrestchic Resistive Loadbank
ZLP 1330200kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1484200kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1719200kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1448250kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1065275kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1539300kWCrestchic Trailer Mounted Loadbank
ZLP 1451600kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1452600kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1490600kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1581600kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1630600kWCrestchic Loadbank + KCS100H
ZLP 1489600kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1598800kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 15321100kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 15331100kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 16551650kVACrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 16561650kVACrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 16203.3MVACrestchic Loadbank


ZLP 149520kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1597100kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1651200kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1557600kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1582600kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1631600kWCrestchic Loadbank


ZLP 1596100kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1330200kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1556600kWCrestchic Loadbank
ZLP 1581600kWCrestchic Loadbank