October 2017 - Power Outages, coming to a suburb near you!

Summer Blackouts

A backup generator is essential to have during a power outage, to power lights, heating, cooling, water pumps, and more. Powering a water pump is particularly important in areas at risk of fired during hot weather, to protect your property, family, and pets. 

Power outages are increasingly becoming a concern for Australian's during this upcoming summer, and even during spring with this unusually hot weather. It has been reported that as power consumption increases during hotter weather, power plants will struggle to meet demands and power outages are a strong possibility, leaving you without power for hours, or even days.

The Project on Channel Ten has recently brought to light that households face a $50 million bill to keep lights and fridges running this summer. Additionally, businesses with large backup power generators may be paid to have their generators on standby to provide emergency power to the community.

The recent blackouts in South Australia, which lasted for hours in some areas and several day sin others, results in a cost of $367 million to businesses. The median cost of this for individual business was $10,000 and during this time, only 12% of businesses had a backup generator.

This is why now, more than ever, it's important to ensure you have a backup power generator for potential power outages so you can keep your business or home running, submit that report on time, and keep your valuable belongings powered and operative. Backup generators will help protect your assets and keep you connected, taking the stress out of a power outage. 

If you already own a generator, make sure you get it serviced before summer - if they haven't been used for a while they may not work properly when you do need them! And if you need to purchase or hire one, give us a call at Macfarlane Generators.

Keep yourself safe and connected during the upcoming months and get yourself a generator.

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