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33kVA Used Deutz Enclosed Generator Set (U488)

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This Military specification generator supplies 240/415V three phase 50Hz and 120/208V three phase 60Hz via a manual changeover switch. With ease of change and simplicity, and the ability to configure the outlets to customer requirements, the dual voltage and frequency capabilities make this unit perfect for specialised applications where temporary or permanent power is required.

Located in Victoria

EngineDeutz F5L413FR, naturally aspirated, air cooled, electric start diesel
HPApprox. 103hp @ 1800RPM
Run hours shown984 hours
Power (kVA)33kVA standby, 30kVA prime
Power (kW)26kW standby, 24kW prime
Power factor 0.8
Other240/415V @ 50Hz, or 120/208V @ 60Hz brushless
Dimensions1800 x 910 x 1300mm (LWH)
Engine and alternator mounted on a substantial baseEnclosed in a weather protected canopy
Skid base with forklift pocketsFuel tank capacity: approx. 80L with sight guage
Battery pack heavy duty 24VEngine driven, heavy duty battery charging alternator
Dry powder fire extinguisherManual start
Control panel showing oil pressure, engine temperature, Amps, Volts, Hz, Hours, and battery charging ampsEngine protection for low oil pressure
3 x 15A 240V switched outlets1 x 32A 415V 4 pin outlet
3 x 30A 120V switched outlets1 x 32A 208V 4 pin outlet
Build date: 1986Load test report and operator's manual

Reference: U488