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150kW Crestchich Loadbank

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Crestchic Loadbanks are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of frequent rental and movement.

This 150kW unit is available for purchase or hire.


150kW Crestchic Loadbank

Capacity240/415V, 50Hz, 1.0PF
Design Voltage415V, 50Hz. Other voltages and frequencies available on request
Dimensions1276mm x 1048mm x 875mm (LWH)
CoolingTwo fans, forced air cooling. Comes with electrical interlocking system and thermal sensores for safe operations
Load SwitchingThe KCS control system allows loads to be switched to any value between zero and the maximum capacity of the loadbank with 1kW switching resolution
ResistorsLoad is provided by groups of totally enclosed resistor elements consisting of 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire centred in a finned stainless steel tube filled with compressed magnesium oxide to ensure rapid heat transfer.
Air Flow6,000CFM, designed for the outdoors
ParametersMaintains maximum capacity in ambient conditions up to 50°C and 100% humidity