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R449 AVR for Leroy Somer

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The R449 AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is a shunt type designed to fit as standard on LSA50 to LSA54 alternators. It can powered by a power VT, the AREP field excitation system, or a single-phase or 3-phase PMG. Using the R726 external module the R449 AVR can control the power factor and can match the alternator voltage to the mains voltage prior to synchronisation.

We also have genuine OEM Leroy Somer branded R449 AVRs available for Marine certification applications.

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All of our AVRs are field type tested.


NG-R449 OEM (Revision f ) AVR has a total of 5 trim pots and may not work correctly when synchronised with other Gensets that have the later f2 version AVR. On a standalone single Genset, it should not be a problem. 

If your technicians have any doubts, purchase the LS-R449 Leroy Somer (Revision f2) R449 AVR from us.

LS-R449 Leroy Somer (Revision f2) R449 AVR is an update and only has 4 trim pots in total.