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3.2kVA Subaru Silent Inverter Generator (RG3200iS)

$3,590.00 inc GST

The 3.2kVA Subaru RGiS Silent Inverter Generator is designed to run sensitive equipment like computers and televisions.

These units were used during the Melbourne Commonwealth games to run metal detectors. They are an ideal power source for motor homes or just perfect for clean power for industry specific tasks.

With its Inverter Control System (electronic voltage control) it achieves output with less fluctuation and wave distortion and allows the engine speed to be automatically adjusteed in direct proportion to the load applied, maximising fuel efficiency while maintaining 240V supply (50Hz).

The 3.2kVA Subaru RGiS Silent Inverter is powered by 'EX' Extreme OHC engine with a 3 year warranty.

The double-wall acoustical housing-damping panels reduces both high frequency and low frequency noise. These sound attenuating materials are highly fire-resistant. A state of the art inverted combines load-sending electronic throttle control with improved combustion & lubrication to significantly reduce fuel consumption, plus yield a quieter, softer tone on start up & shut down, as well as constant running.

Low noise is achieved through inverter technology & an engine management system meaning the engine doesn't need to work as hard to generate high levels of power. Special vibration control isolators & efficient soft-tone muffler further reduce noise.

The high quality electrical output from a portable uni. Smooth power is comparable to public utility sources. Ideal for powering computers & requipment sensitive to voltage surges.

Designed for long running construction and rental applications, Subaru builds the entire engine and generator together as one high quality unit.

The unit also meets the strictest environmental regulations; the US Phase II, CARB Tier II, LEMA, and European emission regulations.

Fuel TypePetrol
Starting systemElectric start & recoil start
Max. Watts 3200W
Cont. Output 2560W
Alternator typeInverter
Voltage240V - 50Hz
Voltage regulationInverter
Battery charger12V
DC output12V - 8.3A
Overload protectorElectronic circuit breaker
Engine MakeSubaru
Engine type7.0hp EX21
Engine featuresAir-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC Gasoline engine
Fuel Tank14L
Rnning time (rated output)8.4 hours
Noise level (dB @ 7m)58dB
Dimensions (LWH)537 x 482 x 583 mm
Manufacturers warranty2 years
Engine warranty3 years