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Mecc Alte PTO Tractor Packs

Mecc-Alte PTO Tractor Packs are a tractor driven generator range made in Italy and are one of the best choices for reliable and durable PTO powered generators. Mecc-Alte PTO driven generators are a great value for tractor owners wanting reliable electricity.

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The MeccAlte PTO Alternator units are available fully assembled or in different build options to allow for sites not requiring the unit to be portable. This also reduces the Basic Package (Alternator + Gearbox) price and is the popular for sites with a plant room or protection from the weather etc..

We do recommend upsizing for improved capacity and cleaner power, particularly when using computer controlled equipment like the modern milking machines.

Tractor requirements - you will require a STD Category 2, 3 point linkage if you wish to pick up and move the Package as well as a PTO shaft to suit the power and length required.

These PTO Tractor Pack units can be reconnected from three phase 415V to two phase 480V or single phase 240V output if required.  The Control box is available for the larger 415V and 480V units and includes circuit breakers, meters and connecting plugs to suit the individual units voltage and current.