Single Phase and Three Phase Cables, Cable Guard

We stock a number of single phase and three phase cables ranging from 10m to 32A. We also stock a larger number of extension leads ranging from 15 to 60m, 15A to 50A. A supply of cable guards is also available.

Bunded Fuel Tanks

If a generator is required to run for an extended period of time, Macfarlane Generators can supply one of our stand-alone Bunded Fuel Tanks in sizes ranging from 450L to 6300L. For more information about our range of Bunded Fuel Tanks, please click here.

Remote Start Control Units, Automatic Transfer Switches

Macfarlane Generators stock Remote Start Control Units and Automatic Transfer Switches available for hire.

Distribution Boards

Macfarlane Generators stock a large number of Distribution Boards in all sizes.

Junction Boxes

Macfarlane Generators can supply Junction Boxes with ranges from 200kW to 600kW.