What We Do


Our Melbourne based national operation offers a comprehensive range of power generation equipment - from small portable power units to complete power houses equipped with the latest technology. 

Our units range from 1kVA portables to 2MW power stations, powered by diesel or petrol. Macfarlane Generators can supply and service every power requirement, including:

  • Campers and caravans

  • Worksites and trades

  • Residential housing

  • Industrial sites and manufacturing complexes

  • Shopping centres

  • Mining and construction projects


We stock an extensive range of quality, brand name generator sets, and hard to source spare parts. We are also renowned Australia-wide for the design and construction of robust, purpose-built units to suit specific customer requirements. These sets are built specifically to suit the rigours of the diverse Australian climate, and every Macfarlane Generator is engineered for maximum reliability and ease of maintenance. To top it off, every generator is backed up by a comprehensive range of stock to service and replace parts for all major brands. 

Macfarlane Generators also buy used generators - large and small. Call our qualified customer service team to discuss your selling or trade-in options.


Routine servicing and maintenance are the focus of Macfarlane's extensive technical support to customers. Our Melbourne workshop also rebuilds generator sets for resale at very economical prices, together with overhauling diesel engines, and the re-winding of alternators. 

Our service and engineering staff are skilled at providing customers with a wide range of maintenance services - from a basic service to complete strip downs and rebuilds. 


We don't just sell straight out of the box either. We open up every generator and run a load test on it. We put oil in every generator to the exact required level. We ensure that you are getting a warranty-compliant machine. This is all included as standard in every generator purchase, and is the kind of quality experience we offer at Macfarlane Generators. We know generators inside and out, so you can rest easy knowing you have purchased a reliable, high-quality generator. 



You're important to us, and we want you to know it! This is why we ensure our customer service is first class, our products are high quality, and why we include extras that other's don't (such as our pre-delivery service).


Macfarlane Generators have a rich 68 year history. From humble beginnings in Melbourne, we have since expanded into Sydney and Brisbane. We know what we're doing, which is why we've stuck around so long!


We're a 100% Australian owned and operated company. When you do business with us, you're supporting the Australian economy, and Australian workers.

Our History

Macfarlane Generators was established in Victoria, 1949. We have since expanded into Queensland and New South Wales, opening doors in 1982. Today, we have more than 60 staff members specialising in supply, installation, parts, and servicing, of power generator sets for industrial, commercial, domestic, and recreational applications. 

Macfarlane Generators have provided permanent and temporary power to an impressive range of clients including:

  • Truck trailers bound for Vanuatu

  • Airports

  • Hospitals

  • Field Days

  • Small towns

  • Phillip Island Grand Prix 

  • Ski Fields

  • The Sydney Harbour Tunnel

The company pioneered the development of acoustically silenced generators for film and television applications over 30 years ago, providing power for films and shows such as The ANZAC's, Crocodile Dundee, and Neighbours. 

Case Study - AVTEL Data Destruction

The new age of data destruction is AVTEL Data Destruction​. These days, highly sensitive information can easily fall into the wrong hands, and wiping a hard drive may not effectively remove the information. AVTEL Data Destruction is your solution; they're mobile, secure, auditable, safe, and sustainable.
The reliable company can come to your business and are self-powered using a Kubota​ generator - installed and serviced by Macfarlane Generators.
We are proud to be a part of this, and many other, business journeys. For tailored business power solutions contact us today.