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Used Industrial Generators

Macfarlane Generators have been providing specialised Generator sales, service and spares worldwide since 1949. We ship worldwide to meet your Generator equipment needs. We have a huge selection of used and tested generators from portables to the largest Generators sets all at competitive prices.Please contact us for Pricing!

Up to 200kVA
Pre-owned Generator sets rated less than 200kVA in 3 Phase 415VAC.

Over 200kVA
Pre-owned Generator sets rated above 200kVA 3 Phase.

Macfarlane's 'pre-owned' Generator sets are carefully purchased or are selected trade-ins.

These Generator sets go through the Macfarlane Generators workshop for an inspection before the unit is serviced and tested to original manufacturer's specifications.

A load test program is then completed to ensure correct operation. A detailed specification and test data sheet records this information for prospective customers.

Whether you are looking for a generator for emergency standby or prime power, a Macfarlane Generators' 'pre-owned' Genset is an ideal choice.

Cummins 300kVA at Macfarlane Generators

If you cannot find what you are looking for, Please call, e-mail or fax us today.