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Alternators and Spares

Alternators and AVRs for Generators Sets from Leroy Somer, Meccalte, Sincro, Stamford, Newage and Markon. Call for more information.

IEC Integrated Electric Company Alternators
We have limited stocks of IEC Alternators available for immediate delivery at well below cost price. These are heavy duty units with re-greasable bearings, AVRs and heavy duty frame. Various SAE adaptions available.

Leroy Somer Alternators and Spares
Leroy Somer is a leading alternator manufacturer with alternators available in sizes from 10.5kVA single phase through to 3000+kVA 3 phase. Larger units up to 25,000kVA available on request. Call the largest Leroy Somer approved dealer in Australia for a special price.

Markon Alternators and Spares
The Markon high quality 2-pole generator range is available from 2 kVA to 10 kVA. Call us for all Markon Alternators, AVRs, Spares and accessories. . . . . Contact us to discuss your options and spares for your replacement Markon alternator today.

MeccAlte Alternators and Spares
Mecc Alte is a world leader in the production of synchronous alternators. The standard products of Macfarlane Generators are listed in this section, divided into four categories for simplicity of consultation. Call us for all Meccalte Alternators, AVRs and accessories.

Sincro Alternators and Spares
SINCRO have synchronous alternators in single and three phase from 1.2 to 2600KVA, as well as AC and DC welder/generators from 130 to 400 Amps. SINCRO also make specialist alternators up to 2000 KVA for hazardous environments and alternators for high capacity Wind Turbines.

Stamford AVK Alternators and Spares
The STAMFORD AVK and Newage range of synchronous Alternators includes 2-pole, 4-pole, and 6-pole generators at low voltage and 4-pole generators at low, medium and high voltages.