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PTO Tractor Generators

PTO Tractor packs are a farmers dream! They're a low cost way of generating power (standby and continuous) when you're out on the farm and away from mains power supply. These generators are essentially just an alternator, and use a tractor engine as the generator engine. This means less parts that can break, and lower maintenance saving you time and money.



Tractor Driven PTO Alternators or Tractor Packs

These are power take-off driven alternators couple to most brands of tractors. Tractor Packs are specially designed to run from the back of a tractor to back-up farms during power outages, making them perfect for rural power applications. Convenient and sturdy, Tractor Packs are a necessity for farmers wanting to protect their investment and peace-of-mind. These come as whole products or can be built to your requirements.

Tractor Pack units are the best option for when you need power in places too far away from mains power - such as out in the middle of a paddock. These units are available in different build and power options, including both portable and non-portable options.

We do recommend up-sizing for improved capacity and cleaner power, particularly when using computer-controlled equipment like modern milking machines.

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