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Gentech Tractor Packs

Gentech Tractor Packs are PTO or power-take-off driven alternators that couple to most brands of tractors. They are fitted with a splined shaft for an input speed of approximately 450 - 500 rpm. Ranging from 50kVA to 100kVA, all W&C Tractor Packs are designed to run from the back of a tractor as back-up power during down times, making them perfect for rural power applications. Convenient and sturdy, Tractor Packs are a necessity for farmers. Now with the option of a 3 point carry frame for the 50kVA for easy transportation and manoeuvring around the farm.


Models Available3 Phase (415V)2 Phase (480V)1 Phase (240V)
Tractor Pack 5050kVA30kVA30kVA
Tractor Pack 50 in frame50kVA30kVA30kVA
Tractor Pack 6060kVA40kVA40kVA
Tractor Pack 8585kVA50kVA50kVA
Tractor Pack 100100kVA67kVa67kVA

Alternator4-pole 1500RPM
GearboxFitted with splined shaft for an input speed of approx. 500 RPM
Dimensions110 x 450 x 500mm (LWH)
Dimensions in frame1050 x 850 x 13030mm (LWH)
Digital output module (optional)Displays amps, volts, frequency. Supplied loose for installation at site.

 Note: Freight excluded unless otherwise stated