Load bank Hire

Macfarlane’s options of load banks for hire include both small and large sets for various power testing abilities, starting from 1kW going up to 1650kVA as well as 3.3MVA. Even larger loads can be supported by combining multiple loadbanks.

We have a complete range of AC resistive and reactive load banks for hire. Smaller sets include trailers for ease of transportation. We can also supply additional equipment such as cables.

Common Loadbank Uses

  • Generator load testing
  • Synchronising checks and proof of load-sharing equipment
  • Hot restarts
  • Proven protection scheme
  • Rapid availability
  • UPS loading testing
  • Generator capacity testing
  • UPS runtime testing
  • General power system proving
  • Test air conditioning systems

Need help?

If you need a hand deciding what size load bank you need, give us a call or drop a message in the form below. Make sure to include these things:

  • How much power do you need, or, what will you be using the load bank for?
  • Do you need an AC resistive or reactive load bank?
  • Are you going to need any accessories to accompany the load bank?
  • How long will you need the load bank for?
  • Do you need help installing or operating the load bank?
  • Do you need us to organise delivery or will you be picking it up? 

Ready to Hire or Need Help?

Let's talk to discuss your requirements and choose the perfect load bank to suit your application.

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