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Crestchic Loadbanks

Crestchic are the largest specialist loadbank provider in the world. Efficient power generation, testing and system proving is vital. Loadbanks provide a stable, continuous and variable load to imitate real loads in real time. This means backup systems can be periodically fully tested, ensuring they meet the original design criteria. Macfarlane Generators are your approved Crestchic Load Bank Hire, Sales, Service and Parts Dealer.

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Crestchic Loadbanks

Macfarlane Generators are proud to be the sole Australian supplier for Crestchic Resistive/Reactive Loadbanks.

Crestchic Loadbanks is based in Burton Upon Trent, UK and has sales and rental offices around the world. Crestchic is the world’s largest specialised loadbank manufacturer and loadbank rental company. Crestchic was incorporated in 1983. Crestchic Loadbanks can be purchased or rented world wide.

Loadbanks are primarily used for testing electrical power output on diesel generators, gas turbines and UPS systems whilst carrying out commissioning and maintenance work. The loadbanks are used for simulating real electrical loads enabling essential setup and commissioning which ensures that all electrical and control parameters are met prior to power generation/back up equipment being energized on line.

Macfarlane Generators stocks loadbanks with ranges from 1kW to 15MVA. All Crestchic loadbanks employ stainless steel finned elements for maximum heat dissipation and durability.


  • Typical power factor 0.8
  • 50 Hz
  • IP55 standard protection
  • Standard canopy sizes to 300kVA
  • Container packages for 375kVA and above
  • Multiple 1kVA load steps
  • Stainless steel finned elements
  • Choice of control system for all units – suited to application and operators
  • Ambient temperature operation to 50°C
  • Multiple loadbanks can be combined together for larger loads