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3.3mVA Crestchic Loadbank

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The Macfarlane Advantage
  • Oil
  • Run-Up
  • Load Tested
Every generator we sell is:
  • Filled with oil at no extra cost
  • Run & load tested to rated capacity
  • Ready to use as soon as you receive it
Trust your generator with Macfarlane Generators, a real generator company that has been operating for 70+ years.

We stock a full range of spares, run a full service department, have stores across Australia and employ an experienced team with extensive generator knowledge

We provide the best generator sales and after-sales support in Australia.

This Crestchic 3.3mVA loadbank is an all-weather unit, able to operate in all weather conditions and ambient temperatures up to 50 degrees (Celsius). It has capabilities to print, graph, and download professional diagnostic reports, and has an industry leading life span (15+ years reliability).

This unit is available for purchase or hire.


3.3MVA Crestchic Loadbank

  • PC Data Logging Capabilities: Graph, download and print professional  diagnostic reports
  • Customisable Load: Can handle larger load with system extension
  • Reliability: Highly reliable unit
  • Comprehensive Support; Full range of accessories (i.e. cables, cable guards etc.)     



3.3MVA/ 2.64kW @ 415 volts, 50 Hz, 3 Phase, 0.8 PF.      

Design Voltage

415 volts, 50 Hz. Other voltages and frequencies available on request

Control System

KCS100H - Hand-held unit

Ambient Parameter

Maintain maximum capacity in ambient conditions up to 50° C

Air Flow

Side intake, top exhaust

Load Steps

A switching resolution of 1kW, 1kVAR is maintained at all loads up to 3.3MVA

System Extension

System extension for larger loads possible

Fan and Control Power

Via main bus or 70 amp, 415 volt, 3 phase external auxiliary supply