Service & Repair for Power Generators


At Macfarlane Generators we recognise the importance of regularly servicing engines. Engines in continuous use as well as standby application both benefit from this service. 

Over time, the deterioration of lubricants and fuel may occur and inhibit easy starts, and rubber components and hoses may also become brittle. These are issues the team at Macfarlane Generators can easily identify and correct during a routine maintenance call. 

Regular servicing not only ensures that engines run more efficiently and economically - it helps prevent costly breakdowns and unplanned downtime. 

All our service work is carried out to the highest standards set by factory trained engineers, who have extensive knowledge and understanding of our products, as a result of specialised training and practical experience. Our engineers are expertly trained to undertake preventative maintenance, and are well versed in diagnostic techniques. 


Preventative maintenance and repairs require skilled staff to ensure engines are returned to and maintain peak performance. 


Macfarlane Generators also service all equipment that has Petrol or Diesel engines in them. We are located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane with fully equipped workshops to perform full engine servicing. Our staff are highly trained and skilled at servicing engines in a structured series of operating procedures, ensuring faster, more efficient, and cost effective service. We keep our finger on the pulse, and our employees are regularly updated on the latest technical innovations and procedures. 


Our workshops are qualified to service the following equipment:

  • Lawn mowers
  • Transfer pumps
  • Pressure water pumps
  • Air blowers
  • Hedgecutters
  • Trowellers
  • Trench rammer
  • Portable vibrator
  • Plate compactor

Service Contracts

Macfarlane Generators are pleased to provide quotations for contract maintenance programs, tailored to suit your specific operating requirements. 

During each maintenance visit, the engine is inspected, adjusted and checked, and oil and fuel filter elements are replaced. At the completion of the check, a detailed report itemising any component requiring attention is provided. We can also provide a quotation for any additional work required outside the specific maintenance contract. 

When maintenance is performed or repairs are required, we only use replacement parts manufactured to the exact standards and specifications as the original components. We understand the precise demands on each component in use and don't cut corners when it comes to ensuring you receive the same quality engine you started with. 

Service Exchange

Macfarlane Generators can assist our customers to reduce their generator costs, minimise downtime and maximise reliability through our service exchange scheme.

The principle of the scheme is to provide customers with re-manufactured and guaranteed units in exchange for old units, and applies to items such as cylinder heads, pumps, injectors, alternators, turbo chargers and more.

We are also able to complete full factory re-builds on your own engine. 

Call 1300 622 436 to make a booking at your nearest Macfarlane Generators Service Centre.

The Macfarlane Generators on-site service fleet

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