Things break! Even the best kept generator can have its issues from time to time. Our extensive spare parts network stocks parts for almost every generator, so you're never caught out with a broken generator. We can even install it for you, saving you time and stress. Our parts cover the entire generator range, from portable through to industrial sets. We've got parts for servicing too - to prevent your generator from breaking in the first place! Parts like lube, fuel filters, and air filters from brands such as Fleetguard, Cummins, Kipor, Perkins and Pramac, will keep your generator running smoothly and efficiently every time.

Macfarlane Generators are fully approved dealers of genuine brands such as Cummins, Dorman, DSE, Leroy Somer, Pramac, Sincro, Yamaha and Valvoline.

To correctly identify the part you are after, we need the Generator model number. If you need a particular engine, we will need the engine build and serial number.

For example, the Perkins 1100 series engines are used in marine, generator drive, pump drive and forklift roles and often have different parts inside. Major components such as turbocharger, piston rings or liners are determined by the engine role.

If your engine is a Rolls Royce or Dorman Diesel, please take note of the name plate information and call us for the genuine parts.

Note: Freight excluded unless otherwise stated. 


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