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Leroy Somer Alternators and Spares

Leroy Somer is a leading alternator manufacturer with alternators available in sizes from 10.5kVA single phase through to 3000+kVA 3 phase. Larger units up to 25,000kVA available on request. Call the largest Leroy Somer approved dealer in Australia for a special price.


LEROY-SOMER's range of alternators are the result of 50 years' experience as specialists in rotating electrical machines and in particular low, medium and high-voltage alternators.

LEROY-SOMER alternators are backed up by a world-wide industrial network structured around 8 factories in Europe, North America and Asia.

The PARTNER range of alternators covers the power range from 10 to 2700 kVA, low voltage (220V - 690 V) and 50/60 Hz, to meet the most demanding operating conditions:

  • Compatibility with different drive systems, such as diesel-powered or gas-powered engines.
  • High performance levels required (electric motor starts, distorting loads)
  • Clean or extreme environmental conditions (damp, corrosion), etc.