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RFL Alternators

RFL Alternators Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, Australia, is a world class manufacturer of high quality permanent magnet alternators for the power generation industry. With over 25 years of investment into research and development, RFL prides itself in continuing to develop new and efficient cutting-edge technologies and products which are at industry's forefront, and manufactures alternators to the highest of quality standards.


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The RF series Radial Flux Generators are a single stator, single rotor permanent magnet design. The combination of novel winding techniques with innovative rotor and stator design gives the RF series significant advantage over current commercially available technologies. 

The RF series generator are designed specifically to be compact, lightweight whilst remaining highly efficient. All materials used in construction are conventional, so as to minimise manufacturing cost whilst still providing the specified performance.

The RFL RF2-12.5 Bi-Gen is a technologically advanced PM brushless alternator, offering highest energy efficiency while maintaining minimal physical size. It sets a new industry standard. Its PM design Brushless Internal Magnetic Voltage Regulation (no AVR or electronics) means that possible points of failure are kept to a minimum by eliminating traditional brushes and AVRs. 

Significant advantages are found when refitting the Kubota Lowboy GL6000 RFL alternators. The units registered 10% more power, 10-15% fuel savings, and much better THD levels.

RFL Alternators Warranty = 2 Years.