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10kW Alternator for Kubota GL9000 Genset

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The RF series Radial Flux Generators are a single stator, single rotor permanent magnet design. The combination of novel winding techniques with innovative rotor and stator design gives the RF series significant advantage over current commercially available technologies.

The RF series generators are designed specifically to be compact and lightweight whilst remaining highly efficient. All materials used in construction are conventional, so as to minimise manufacturing cost whilst still providing the specified performance.

There are significant advantages when refitting the Kubota Lowboy GL 9000 with RFL alternators. The units registered 10% more power, 10-15% fuel savings and much better THD Levels.


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The RFL Kubota refit kit is an ideal alternative for the Kubota GL6000 and GL9000 Gensets. The kit comes complete with: 

  • RFL PMG Alternator (pictured above)
  • Mounting Foot (1)
  • Adaptor Housing (2)
  • Taper Drive Shaft (3)

Model Options and Specifications

  • RF2 - 7.5 KGL6: 7kVA / 7kW single phase 50Hz 3000rpm alternator suitable for Kubota GL6000 Lowboy Generator
  • RF2 - 12.5 KGL9: 10kVA / 10kW single phase 50Hz 3000rpm alternator suitable for Kubota GL9000 Lowboy Generator

Key Benefits
Magnetic Flux Technology operates without electronics, uses less fuel while providing more power:

  • Compact and light
  • More power
  • Longer life
  • Easy to fit
  • 15% saving in fuel
  • Low service costs
  • Warranty - 2 years
ModelRF2 - 12.5KGL9
Power10kVA / 10kW Single Phase
CodeKubota GL9000