Used Industrial Generators / Used Generators For Sale Sydney

Used Generators For Sale Sydney

Pre-owned second hand generators from 5kVA to 1500kVA available. Fully tested & inspected. Only the best quality and best brands including Cummins used genrators, Perkins used generators and FG Wilson used generators.

We have a wide range of used industrial generators ready to be delivered to your location in Sydney.  We regularly get new models in and stock the leading brands in ranges from 5kVA to 1500kVA.  Most stock is stored in Brisbane and Melbourne ready to be shipped to Sydney. Featured stock is shown below and you can check out the full listings here:

All used generators are carefully purchased or selected trade-ins. Each used generator  goes through the Macfarlane Generators workshop for inspection before the unit is serviced and tested to the original manufacturer's specifications (including a load test program).

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