Generator Hire - Large

Macfarlane Generators is Australia’s largest generator specialist, with the best selection of reliable generators and loadbanks available at competitive rates.

Whatever your Hire Plant and Power needs, Macfarlane Generators has a generator for practically any occasion including public events, camping, building sites and construction or emergency power. Our Generator Hire units are also used to supply “quiet power” to the Australian film and television industry for the production of films and TV programs on location.

We have a large range of Power Generators, Loadbanks, cables (three phase, single phase), Distribution Boards, junction boxes, stand-alone fuel tanks, cable guards, remote-start control units and Auto Transfer switches.

Hire Industrial and Commercial Generator sets - Available in both trailer and skid based designs and in silenced acoustic containers if required, these generate power ranges from 10kVA to 1000+kVA, with larger capacities possible by paralleling two or more units.

Our large generator hire units are all weather-protected, heavy duty rental specification, designed for outdoor use featuring IP66 rated switches and outlets with RCD safety protection. Many of the units are trailer-mounted for convenience. We also have some hire generators with solar panels installed on them.

All of our hire generators are from our highly reliable suppliers, such as Cummins, FG Wilson, Crestchic Perkins, Lister Petter, Yamaha, Himoinsa, Honda and Subaru, for which we are authorised dealers and can offer comprehensive support.

Macfarlane Generators can also cross-hire as requested if what you need from our fleet is unavailable, or we do not stock a particular unit.

Call us today for Generator Hire and discover why after 60 years in the Generator Hire, Service, Sales and Parts business, Macfarlane Generators are the most respected in the industry.

Macfarlane Generators Hire fleet is made up of hundreds of Generators and Loadbanks of all sizes.

 New Genenerator form Macfarlane Generators


Our large generators are trailer or skid-mounted, come in a range of options, all from reliable manufacturers.



ZHP 10311kVAPerkins P11-4S-CAL
ZHP 03311kVAPerkins P11E2S-CAE
ZHP 05714.5kVAKipor KDE16SS
ZHP 05814.5kVAKipor KDE16SS
ZHP 12116.5kVAPerkins P16.5-4S-CAL
ZHP 00316.5kVAPerkins P16.5E2S-CAE
ZHP 03416.5kVAPerkins P16.5E2S-CAE
ZHP 12516.5kVAPerkins P16.5E2S-CAE + Mount Towt
ZHP 11816.5kVAPerkins P16.5E2S-CAE
ZHP 02617.5kVALister SDMO
ZHP 05020kVAPerkins PXD20P2
ZHP 05120kVAPerkins PXD20P2
ZHP 07620kVAPerkins PXD20P2-CAE
ZHP 09922kVACummins ES22D5/B
ZHP 03722kVAPerkins P22-4-CAL-R
ZHP 05222kVAPerkins P22-4-CAL-R
ZHP 09524kVAKipor KDE30SS3
ZHP 09724kVAKipor KDE30SS3
ZHP 10924kVAKipor KDE30SS3
ZHP 11024kVAKipor KDE30SS3
ZHP 01626kVAPerkins P26-2S-CAE
ZHP 00633kVACummins ES33D5/B
ZHP 03535kVACummins ES35/B-CPY
ZHP 09038kVACummins C38D5iC-1 Enclosed
ZHP 09138kVACummins C38D5iC-1 Enclosed
ZHP 09238kVACummins C38D5iC-1 Enclosed
ZHP 09338kVACummins C38D5iC-1 Enclosed
ZHP 13638kVACummins
ZHP 13738kVACummins
ZHP 13838kVACummins
ZHP 02943kVACummins ES43D5/B-CPY
ZHP 04144kVAPerkins P44E1
ZHP 03945kVAPerkins P45E1
ZHP 02055kVAPerkins P55E1-CAE
ZHP 13455kVACummins
ZHP 13555kVACummins
ZHP 05365kVAPerkins P65E3
ZHP 05665kVAPerkins P65E3
ZHP 06165kVAPerkins P65E3
ZHP 06265kVAPerkins P65E3
ZHP 06465kVAPerkins P65E3
ZHP 07065kVAPerkins P65E3
ZHP 07365kVAPerkins P65E3
ZHP 07465kVAPerkins P65E3
ZHP 07865kVAPerkins P65E3
ZHP 04765kVAPerkins P65E3-CAE
ZHP 01368kVACummins ES68D5/B-CPY
ZHP 08170kVACummins C70D5-STK1
ZHP 08270kVACummins C70D5-STK1
ZHP 08370kVACummins C70D5-STK1
ZHP 08470kVACummins C70D5-STK1
ZHP 08570kVACummins C70D5-STK1
ZHP 02770kVALister CDT-4
ZHP 02880kVAFiat/Iveco
ZHP 12980kVAFG Wilson P88-3-CALG (On trailer)
ZHP 11580kVAPerkins PXD80 
ZHP 11680kVAPerkins PXD80 
ZHP 07580kVAPerkins PXD80P1-CAE
ZHP 09480kVAPerkins PXD80P1-CAE
ZHP 11380kVAPerkins PXD80P1-CAE
ZHP 11480kVAPerkins PXD80P1-CAE
ZHP 019100kVACummins
ZHP 100100kVACummins
ZHP 060100kVAPerkins P100
ZHP 065100kVACummins
ZHP 140110kVAFG Wilson
ZHP 009129kVACummins
ZHP 101150kVACummins C150D2RKC-1
ZHP 102150kVACummins C150D2RKC-1
ZHP 007150kVACummins C150D5-STK-CPY
ZHP 045160kVAScania DSII
ZHP 046160kVAScania DSII
ZHP 010185kVACummins
ZHP 086250kVACummins C250D5-STK-CPY
ZHP 087250kVACummins C250D5-STK-CPY
ZHP 088250kVACummins C250D5-STK-CPY
ZHP 089250kVACummins C250D5-STK-CPY
ZHP 104250kVAPerkins PXD250P1
ZHP 105250kVAPerkins PXD250P1
ZHP 106250kVAPerkins PXD250P1
ZHP 107250kVAPerkins PXD250P1
ZHP 108250kVAPerkins PXD250P1
ZHP 005250kVACummins
ZHP 059275kVAPerkins P275HE-CAE
ZHP 021330kVACummins
ZHP 079350kVACummins C350D5-STK
ZHP 080350kVACummins C350D5-STK
ZHP 022359kVACummins
ZHP 023500kVACummins
ZHP 015515kVACummins
ZHP 067800kVACummins QST30
ZHP 068800kVACummins QST30


ZHP 03616.5kVAPerkins P16.5E2S-CAE
ZHP 12016.5kVAPerkins P16.5E2S-CAE
ZHP 04020kVAHimoinsa HPW20T5 Silent Diesel
ZHP 06922kVACummins ES22D5/B
ZHP 07222kVACummins ES22D5/B
ZHP 09824kVAKipor KDE30SS3
ZHP 13138kVACummins EX.609 + Trailer
ZHP 01443kVA43KVA CUMMINS  64050400226
ZHP 12880kVAFG Wilson P88-3-CALG
ZHP 04283kVAPerkins P83E1
ZHP 00485kVACummins
ZHP 043181kVACummins
ZHP 008185kVACummins
ZHP 127275kVACummins


ZHP 03212.5kVALister LPW3 (Trailer mount)
ZHP 03112.5kVALister LPW3 (Trailer mount)
ZHP 04922kVACummins ES22D5/B (Trailer mount)
ZHP 05522kVAPerkins P22-4-CAL-R (Skid mount)
ZHP 09624kVAKipor KDE30SS3 (Trailer mount)
ZHP 11124kVAKipor KDE30SS3 (Trailer mount)
ZHP 13238kVACummins EX.N602 (Trailer mount)
ZHP 13338kVACummins EX.N605 (Trailer mount)
ZHP 01143kVACummins ES43D5/B (Trailer mount)
ZHP 01243kVACummins ES43D5/B (Skid mount)
ZHP 13943kVACummins ES43D5/B (Trailer mount)
ZHP 03065kVAPerkins P65E3 (Trailer mount)
ZHP 07765kVAPerkins P65E3 (Trailer mount)
ZHP 019100kVACummins (Skid mount)
ZHP 108200kVAFG Wilson (Skid mount)
ZHP 079315kVACummins (Skid mount)

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Another Macfarlane's Hire Generator being taken out for installation at a customer's site.