Whatever your hire plant and power needs, Macfarlane Generators has a generator for almost any occasion - including public events, camping, building sites and construction or emergency power.



Portable Generator Hire

We have a variety of single-phase portable generators (4Amp to 32Amp) which produce from 1kVA to 8.5kVA, available from Victora, New South Wales and Queensland.



Mobile Generator Hire

We have a variety of mobile generators which produce between 10kVA to 100kVA. They are great for events, concrete grinding/polishing, welding, power outages and more. 



Skid Generator Hire

Hire industrial and commercial generator sets are available in skid based designs and silenced acoustic containers. Our generators go up to 1250kVA, and larger upon request.


Load banks

1kW up to 1650kVA as well as 3.3MVA Load banks

Additional Hire Equipment

Cables, cable guards, junction boxes, and more.