What is an Inverter Generator? How does it work?


An inverter generator works as opposed to a traditional generator. 

The generator produces Alternating Current (AC) that then get converted to Direct Current (DC) and then back to AC via the inverter.  This process ensures that the output of the generator is as clean as possible as well as safeguards the output of the generator to have a very stable voltage and frequency.  The name “Inverter Generator” derives its name from the fact the final output is controlled by and Inverter.

Designed with pure sine wave technology to maintain a constant flow of current, which means you can use it to power sensitive types of equipment such as TVs, laptops and phones.

How to Prevent Inverter Generator Breakdown

  • Choose a reliable brand that can deliver the desired output
  • Make sure to read the manual for the proper usage and care of the generator
  • Regular Maintenance is a must

Advantages of INVERTER generatorDisadvantages of INVERTER generator
Quieter - Low noise levelPrice – More expensive than standard or conventional generators
Has lower THD - Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is a measure of the disturbance in the output, therefore a lower THD means cleaner power
Low Power Output - Limited output capacity due to the high level electronics required
Pure Sine Wave - It is safe for sensitive electronics and other appliances used inside the home, office and outdoor activities. 
Fuel Efficient & Eco Friendly – Adjusts the engine speed depending on the load requirement (less fuel is used). 

Depending on your requirements, budget and lifestyle, there is always an inverter generator suited for your particular need. Here at Macfarlane Generators, we aim to give you the best products at competitive prices.

2.4kW Cromtech Outback Inverter Generator (CTG2500i)2.4kW Westinghouse Inverter Generator (WHXC2400i)3.3kW Kompak Inverter Generator (KGG3300SEi)