Easy Guide to AVRs

WHAT is a generator AVR?

An Automatic Voltage Regulator in a generator or AVR is an electric device whose essential function is to sustain a steady and fixed output voltage level to power up electrical equipment or appliances plugged into a generator. It helps stabilize fluctuating power output due to shifting loads.

HOW does AVR work?

An AVR is part of the alternators excitation system. The excitation system is in charge of supplying the field current to the main rotor. It is essential for an excitation system to be dependable under all circumstances of service, to have effortless control, uncomplicated maintenance and swift transient response.

HOW to prevent AVR breakdown?

AVR’s is an integral part of a generator. To ensure that generators work for a longer period of time, proper maintenance is needed. 

The following are red flags that need immediate action.

  • Unbalanced Engine Speed – Make sure that the generator maintains the recommended speed to ensure the longevity of usage.
  • Short Circuit – All electrical equipment and appliances should be installed properly.
  • Overload – Be aware of the maximum capacity of the generator to avoid misuse and overloading.
  • Huge Power Flow – Keep generator within the acceptable load and power.

Advantages of AVR generatorDisadvantages of AVR generator
It is more affordable than an inverter generatorCan have small voltage & frequency variations
It has an accurate output voltage regulationNot user replaceable
Helps protect electrical equipment from surges, spikes & sagsPoor overload capacity
Low or no regular maintenance required 

AVR’s help secure voltage to safe levels that otherwise may cause a surge, spikes and overloading.  AVR has a direct link to the life span or duration of usage of the generator and the machines and equipment connected to said generator. If used and maintained appropriately, then the longer it can serve its purpose, meaning you get your money’s worth.

Macfarlane Generators sales specialists are here to guide you in choosing the right AVR gennie for you. 

Here are a few AVR generators available online.

6.5kW Cromtech Electric Petrol Generator (TG6500VE)6.3kW Kompak Diesel Generator (DG8500N)9.0kVA Maxwatt Electric Start Petrol Generator (MX9000ES)

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