Generator Control Panel

A Generator Control Panel can be called the operating system of the generator. This is where an operator can perform tasks and monitor the function of the generator, such as overheating, changes in speed and deterioration. With the control panel, the operator can inspect the unit with just a few taps and check performance with ease and efficiency, thus eliminating huge setbacks that may cause irreparable damage.

How does the Generator Control Panel works?

A control panel has a built-in microprocessor that handles downloading data from sensors that can assist industrial generator to assess itself. An example could be under or over-speed and low or high oil pressure. A temperature sensor would immediately detect the build-up of heat in the generator and then transfer the data and alert the microprocessor of the situation. The microprocessor will do a countermeasure to alleviate the problem. 

Control Panels can be consolidated with an ATS or Automatic Transfer Switch. An ATS will signal the generator control panel to start within seconds when a power outage occurs. The detection of power loss is done instantaneously without the need to start the generator manually. 

Function of a Generator Control Panel

  • Can eradicate operating errors
  • Effectively enhance the proficiency of the generator’s control
  • Better safety for the current and volt supervision
  • Fewer expenses and maintenance of the genset
  • Precise working condition of the generator

While the pre-installed control panel by the Manufacturer has many advantages, customising the control panel of your generator according to your needs is possible.

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