Top Reasons Why You Need A Portable Generator For Your Next Camping Adventure

Summer is around the corner. And when the sun is out, camping gears are out. With lots of state parks and off-the-grid locations to explore, the quest for your next adventure is endless. Having basic camping gear is very important, such as tents and sleeping bags, tables and chairs, umbrellas and the like. But being outdoors does not necessarily mean you cannot enjoy life’s simple luxuries and modern conveniences you usually have at home. That’s where a portable generator comes in.

A portable generator is an essential piece of equipment when camping. It is usually lightweight, quiet and compact but with enough power to charge and power up your gadgets and small appliances. It is also easy to use and store.

Here are some uses of a portable generator when camping:

Keep Your Area Well Lighted – Having a few rechargeable lights will keep your area well-lit at night to prevent accidents and to keep intruders at bay. 

Cook Easy and Conveniently – Cooking on an open fire is great, but preparing food on an electric stove and grill will be much easier. Waking up with a  freshly brewed coffee at your disposal is one convenience some people cannot live without. And having a portable refrigerator to store your food and drinks can be quite handy as well.

Keep Insects Away – You can bring your electric insect zapper to avoid being bitten by mozzies, as this insect bite can cause illnesses. The buzzing of insects can also disrupt your sleep.

Outdoor Entertainment – Being outdoors does not mean you can’t enjoy watching a movie or dancing to your favourite tunes. You can set up your portable projector with a makeshift screen to binge-watch your favourite series or movies. You can also have a mini party with your family and friends from sounds coming from your blue tooth speaker. Just keep noise at a minimum. 

A Restful Slumber – Depending on the weather, a rechargeable heater can warm you up on  those chilly nights, and a rechargeable fan can cool you down on those hot summer nights. 

Safe and Comfort – Have your mobile or laptop and gadgets charged at all times. Emergency or Accidents can happen at any given time. Having your mobile’s battery full charged can ease your mind when you need to contact the police or ambulance when you feel you are in danger. This makes you feel safer and more relaxed on your trip. 

A portable generator may seem a luxury to some, but having one can make your adventure more stress-free and give you power and peace of mind anywhere and anytime. And with the right portable generator, you can transform your ordinary camping trip into a glamping trip.

Here at Macfarlane Generators, we have a wide range of portable generators that our team can help you choose the best model and brand suitable for your next camping adventure. 

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