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100-300kW Crestchic Resistive Loadbank

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100-300kW Crestchic loadbanks are packaged in a stainless steel enclosure for outdoor operation. It is designed for easy transport complete with lifting eyes in the top corners. Loadbanks can be used for single phase or three phase applications.

Currently we have 100kW and 200kW versions in stock.


100-300kW Crestchic Resistive Loadbank

Transportability: Supplied with heavy duty swivel castors for ease of transport or without castors for fixed installations. Optional forklift base.


Weather Protected: Designed for outdoor use, weather protected rigid IP55 construction.


Load Switching: 1kW switching resolution.


Longevity: Stainless steel enclosed elements consisting of 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire for long service life.


Reliability: 12 months warranty.


Comprehensive Support: Full range of accessories (i.e. cables, cable guards etc.).

Models: 100-300kW

Power Range: 50Hz

Footprint: 914.4x 914.4 mm Enclosure

Capacity: 100-300kW @ 415 volts

Minimum Load Steps: 1kW

Control System: KCS controller

Ambient Parameters: Maintains maximum capacity in ambient conditions up to 50° C, and 100% humidity

Fan and Control Power: Via main bus, 480 volt, 3 phase external source

Air Flow: Horizontal

Enclosures: Weatherproof container

Dimensions: Height: 1346.2 mm, Width: 914.4 mm, Length: 914.4 mm, Weight: 272 KG