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12V DSE9130 Deep Sea Electronics Battery Charger

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Deep Sea Electronics 12V 5 Amp DSE9130 Battery Charger has been designed to be permanently connected to a battery, keeping it charged to maximum capacity. The chargers can be either mounted via DIN rail or to the chassis, using the fixing holes that are built into the case. The chargers stylish design includes an LED indicator on the front that shows when the charger is in a normal or overload condition. Special Price is valid for a limited time only!


12V 5 Amp DSE9130 Battery Chargers


Multi-Stage Intelligent Charging:

  • Constant current- Maximum current available during charge recovery phase
  • Constant voltage
  • Chargers automatically return to float mode when charging is complete

Low Output Ripple:

  • Makes the chargers ideal for all battery types

Full Protection:

  • Reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection and current limiting
  • Automatic recovery after the removal of fault conditions

Boost Mode:

  • Boosts and equalises cell charge improving battery performance and life
  • Simple boost connection using on-board terminals

Power Save Mode:

  • Once the battery is fully charged the chargers switch to Eco-Power to save energy

  • Suitable for a wide range of battery types
  • No moving parts for longer battery charger life
  • Switched mode design
  • Charge fail output
  • Minimum 80% efficiency throughout full operating range

Paralleling Feature:

  • Multiple modules can be linked together to provide larger current output


AC Supply:

Voltage Range: 90 V to 250 V (L-N)
DC Output: 5 A DC 12 V DC at 13.7 V DC
Ripple and Noise:  <1%
Efficiency:  >80%


Line:  <0.001% Vo
Load: 1% Vo


Short Circuit
Over Voltage
Over Current
Reverse Polarity


Overall: 136 mm x 140 mm x 63 mm, 5.4” x 5.5” x 2.5”

Weight:  0.5 kg