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100kW Crestchic Loadbanks with Baseload

100kW Crestchic loadbank with baseload is a lower cost system which ensures that a generator never runs below a minimum loading level. These loadbanks are highly durable and imitate real loads in real time. 100kW Crestchic loadbanks with baseloads are packaged in a stainless steel enclosure for outdoor operation. Its rugged build ensures that it can withstand the elements.

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Product Details

100kW Crestchic Resistive Loadbank

Rugged Build: Made of high quality material to withstand the elements.


Weather Protected: Designed for outdoor use, weather protected, powder coated rigid IP55 construction.


Load Switching: 25kW automatic switching resolution.


Longevity: Stainless steel enclosed elements consisting of 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire for long service life.


Reliability: 12 months warranty.


Power Range: 50Hz

Capacity: 100kW @ 240/415 volts

Control System: Baseload

Ambient Parameters: Maintains maximum capacity in ambient conditions up to 40° C, and 100% humidity

Fan and Control Power: Via main bus, 480 volt, 3 phase external source

Air Flow: Horizontal

Enclosures: Weatherproof container

Dimensions: Height: 1276 mm, Width: 875 mm, Length: 1048 mm, Weight: 230 KG (approx)