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Sincro Agrowatt Tractor Pack

Sincro Agrowatt PTO Tractor Pack alternator generators offer farmers a low cost way of having Standby or Continuous power with a high quality made power take off, tractor driven alternator that is purpose built to back-up farm operations like Dairy during those inconvenient down times. Ranging from 13 to 90 kVA, Agro Watt is designed to run from the back of a tractor and can couple to most brands. Agro Watt is perfect for rural power applications and is ideal for farmers wanting to protect their investment and get peace-of-mind during power outages.

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Agro Watt is a registered and internationally recognised name and trademarkItalian Design
Ratings from 12 - 90kVA (S1/50Hz)3-phase brushless, 4-poles with AVR generators - IP23 protection standard
Standard equipment: control panel, PTO gearbox and protection kit, external frameSpecial configurations available on request
Standards: EN 60034-1, EN 60204-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, ISO 730
Agro Watt's are in accordance with security and EMC requirements of the EC 2006/42, EC2006/95, EC2004/108 directives