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MaxiGen Generators

MaxiGen portable generators are available only from Macfarlane Generators complete with Japanese Kohler powered engines and Italian Sincro/NSM alternators ready to go to work for you. Built and tested for the Australian environment, assembled in Victoria.

The MaxiGen Portable Generator series from Macfarlane Generators give maximum power and rugged reliability. Thoroughly tested and built for the Australian environment, and assembled in Victoria using quality Japanese and European components.

With cast iron cylinder bores, overhead valve technology, larger capacity oil and fuel filters, and high-performance spark plugs, the Kohler Command PRO engines deliver years of trouble-free operation day after day.

SINCRO and NSM alternators are manufactured at large and modern factories in the industrial area of Vicenza, northern Italy. Both companies combine a variety of modern manufacturing techniques developed by engineers to give you quality products guaranteeing reliability. All stages of manufacturing, from die-casting of lightweight aluminium bodies to winding of stators and rotors and final assembly, are performed by production staff enabling stringent quality control.

Our generator sets come with - 

  • Integrated exhaust systems and oversized mufflers to enable smooth, quiet operation
  • Large displacement engines and high-inertia flywheel provide peak torque performance
  • Oil Sentry™ warning system monitors low oil levels
  • Heavy duty steel frames and anti-vibration mounts
  • 12 month warranties