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Leroy Somer D550 AVR

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Genuine Leroy Somer D550 digital automatic voltage regulator (AVR) provides excitation current up to 7A with excellent reliability and precision for SHUNT, permanent magnet (PMG) or AREP (auxiliary winding) excitation types.

Designed to fit LSA40 to LSA52.3 alternators with SHUNT, permanent magnet (PMG) or AREP (auxiliary winding) excitation types.

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The new D550 replaces the D510 and D510C


D550 includes advanced protections such as over-excitation limitation and voltage sensing loss, and also features voltage droop for Genset parallel operation. The D550 is also equipped with a Load Acceptance Module (LAM) to handle load impact events.

The D550 AVR is also optimized for grid paralleling operation, and complies with the latest grid code regulations, including the latest German grid code regulations VDE 4110 and VDE 4105. In this context, the D550 also includes active & reactive reverse power alarms.

Key specifications

Excitation modeSHUNT, AREP, PMG
Rated excitation current7 A
Regulation accuracy (+/- %)0.25 %
Frequency range10 – 400 Hz
Voltage setting range (+/- %)30 %
kU/F limitation0.5 < k< 3
Loss of sensing voltage
Over-excitation limitation
Short circuit current limitation
Voltage droop
Parallel operation between alternators
Load Acceptance Module (LAM)

Compatible products

  • LSA 40
    LSA 42.3
    LSA 44.3
    LSA 46.3
    LSA 47.2
    LSA 49.3
    LSA 50.2
    LSA 180-225 (400Hz)

Configuration & setup

D550 can be configured using the Leroy-Somer EasyReg Advanced software.