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Dorman Diesels Parts

Genuine Dorman Diesel Parts to suit Dorman 3DA, 4DA, 6DA, Dorman 3L, 4L, 5L, 6L in LC, LD and LE, Dorman 6Q, 8Q and 12Q in QT, QTCA, Dorman 8J and 8JT and 12JV, Dorman 12ST, 12STCA, Dorman 6SE, 8SE, 12SE, 16SE in all models and specifications SETCA, SETCW, SETCR2/R3, as well as 6PTCR and 12PTCR Baudouin engines.

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Macfarlane Generators have new, reconditioned and quality used spares for Dorman Diesel engines including hard to source parts that have been declared obsolete by the original engine manufacturer.

For Dorman parts and advice, do not hesitate to contact us  for a quote.

Now Available - Genuine Parts and Service Manuals for Dorman Engines

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