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2-Pole Mecc Alte Alternators

Mecc Alte 2-Pole generators are available in the capacity of 1-20 kVA for industrial applications where a simple mobile power source is needed.

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The Meccalte S series is for standard mobile application and LT series light towers. The ES series is equipped with the new ASR automatic voltage regulator.  In addition to the first-phase generators there are two types of three-phase generators with conventional transformer controlled generators such as the T series as well as the electronically controlled generators of the ET series.

The ECSO series offers the advantages of transformer arrangement with the advantages of an electronic system in a power of 22-82 kVA. Then there is the ECO series, universal use in industrial applications but also for telecom, military, aviation and marine sectors. The NPE series offers the advantages of the ECO with a very compact size.