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Leroy Somer Alternator Specials

Special deals on Leroy Somer alternators - give us a call for more detailed information, or to make a purchase.

Leroy Somer Alternator SUMMER specials!
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Alternators Specials this month.
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LSA 42.3 VS1 J6/4 (25 kVA, 415V/50Hz, SAE 4/10)
$   4,483$  2,890
LSA 42.3 VS2 J6/4 (27 kVA, 415V/50Hz, SAE 4/10)$   4,636$  3,000
LSA 44.3 S2 J6/4 (70 kVA, 415V/50Hz, SAE 3/10)$   5,598$  4,000
LSA 44.3 M8 J6/4 (135 kVA, 415V/50Hz, SAE 2/11.5)$ 10,250$  6,500
LSADC 40 VS0 (5.0 kW, 48VDC/60Hz, SAE 5/6.5)$   3,000$  2,000
LSA 44.3 L12 J6/4 (165 kVA, 415V/50Hz, SAE 1/14)$ 11,883$  7,700
LSA 49.3 M8 C6S/4 (820 kVA, 415V/50Hz, SAE 0/18)$ 30,482$19,990
LSA 40 S4 JM/4 (814.5 kVA, 240V/50Hz, Double bearing)$   3,850$  2,980

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Accessories options available
for Retro Fitting to LS alternators or Loose supply.

  • LS Digital AVR - D350, D550, D700
  • Basler Digital AVR - DECS100, DECS150, DECS250
  • LS Analog AVR - R180, R220, R250, R450, R450T, R450M, R449
  • PMG Kits - suitable for various frame sizes
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Parallel Droop CT
  • Bearing sensors

We recommend the use of genuine spare parts for all maintenance work on Leroy-Somer and Kato generators in order to maximize generator performance and minimize breakdowns!


We propose spare parts kits, specially designed to reduce down time by covering the most common maintenance and repair needs.

Even for your oldest equipment, we will find alternative parts to keep your generators running. All of our spare parts are certified to conform to the original, with the same level of performance.


With millions of alternators in the field, Leroy-Somer and Kato Engineering can propose adapted solutions for the long-term maintenance of generators, regardless of their brand, for both new equipment and equipment already in the field (postcondition assessment).
We provide three levels of contracts, guaranteeing different degrees of support during the contract period. Throughout the contract, we scale the level of regular preventative maintenance depending on the usage and design of the generator.