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Portable by Brand

Crommelins has been building generators for more than 50 years.

CROMTECH™ A cost effective power solution for camping, caravanning, home and farm use.

The Cummins Onan Microlite and Microquiet Series of petrol or gas fuelled generators are now here! The Cummins Onan RV Quiet Diesel Generator Series are setting the standard for Diesel RV Generators and dramatically lowers noise, vibration and harshness levels for luxury RV's

Dometic RV Generators
Dometic TEC 29 is a highly compact and lightweight generator fuelled by regular unleaded petrol.

Gentech generators provide maximum efficiency from electric motors and uninterrupted operation from sensitive appliances and battery chargers.

The latest Kipor portable petrol or diesel powered generators with the Series 2 Digital Inverter for camping, recreational, RV or emergency power.

Makinex products are reliable, efficient and easy to use. Our focus is to provide professional contractors and tradespeople with quality solutions that will save time and money.

MaxiGen portable generators are available only from Macfarlane Generators complete with Japanese Kohler powered engines and Italian Sincro/NSM alternators ready to go to work for you. Built and tested for the Australian environment, assembled in Victoria.

Powerful product which combine versatility, performance.

Italian-made Pramac Generators ranging from 2kVA. Featuring Lombardini or Yanmar engines, the Pramac range supply reliable, silent power every time.

Prime Power
Prime Power Product Pty Ltd is an Australian family owned business based in Adelaide and has been operating and providing specialized service and since 1986. Prime Power supplies genuine quality portable Honda-powered generators.

Subaru portable generators are designed for long running construction and hire/rental applications, with easy starting, quiet running, high-surge capability & long engine life.

Yamaha’s Inverter Series of portable generators are generator of choice for quiet, clean, high-quality electricity in a compact, lightweight package.

Outback Chargers
Outback portable petrol battery chargers with Honda engines are an ideal backup for Solar systems or to recharge the car, caravan, truck or heavy machinery battery.