Yamaha Portable Generators


Yamaha 4 Stroke Petrol Inverter Generator RangeYamaha EF1000is Generator from Macfarlane Generators

Yamaha’s Inverter Series generators are the new wave in generator technology for when you need clean, high-quality electricity in a compact, lightweight package.

Bringing along a generator was never quieter or easier, whether operating computer equipment in the field, four-wheel-driving, camping, fishing, operating power tools or overcoming a power outage.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology regulates the electrical output using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to produce clean, high-quality electricity. That means these generators deliver a "pure" sine wave with full width and amplitude so you can use them with confidence as a power source for computers, solid-state appliances with built-in computer functions or microcomputer-controlled power tools.

A Wave Distortion Ratio of less than 2.5% is achieved.
This model can be used with equipment that requires stable frequency and voltage (as defined by an ideal “sine wave” when graphed), like products with built-in computer functions and microcomputer-controlled power tools or equipment like projectors.


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